Amma Center of New Mexico

Art from the Heart Competition

Art From the Heart – White Flower Meditation Competition

AYUDH Americas, Amma's international youth wing, is excited to announce Art from the Heart: AYUDH’s White Flower Meditation Competition.

Join Amma's children of all ages around the country in expressing Amma's beautiful prayer for World Peace through the medium of art. By meditating on the white flower meditation technique and expressing our visualizations into a drawing or a painting, we are able to dive deeper into this technique and offer our talents to all of creation. All art will be presented to Amma!

The submitted pieces will be judged by professional artists. The winning pieces will be auctioned to support Embracing the World, the global network of humanitarian activities, as well as featured in AYUDH merchandise. 

Submits are due on October 9, 2020. Register to partake in the competition here. Please check out for more details.

Amma’s White Flower meditation is available at The Amma Shop