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New Mexico GreenFriends Growers Project - a New Mexico GreenFriends initiative

The New Mexico GreenFriends Growers Project - a New Mexico GreenFriends initiative

Everyone should grow trees and plants in their yard.” - Amma

Amma has encouraged everyone to grow a garden and medicinal plants wherever we may be on the planet and to plant trees.  If you would like to participate, contact the NMGF Growers Project, by sending an email to and let us know whether you are interested in growing a garden or growing trees.  We will add your name and email to a contact list.  This project will provide information, answer questions, and allow a sharing of information, for both growing a garden and growing trees to either plant in your yard or on your land or to give away for others to plant. 

Growing a Garden

If you’re interested in learning how to grow a garden or growing medicinal plants, let us know which area of New Mexico you live in.  This email can be used to ask questions and/or can direct you to garden resources. 

Even if we only have a tiny plot of land, we should try to grow a few vegetables using organic fertilizers.  This relationship will give us a new vitality.  We can create heaven right here by doing such things like growing our plants with love.”    - Amma

Growing Your Own Trees

If you’re interested in learning how to grow trees from seed, you will be sent information and added to the growers contact list.  Recommended trees for growing in the Albuquerque area will be from the Nature Conservancy New Mexico Climate-Ready Tree list.  These trees have been recommended as trees that have the best chance for survival as the climate changes in the Albuquerque area.

The Nature Conservancy has released a Climate-Ready Tree list free to everyone online for New Mexico – specifically for the Albuquerque area but it can be applied to other areas in New Mexico.  This list is one of the first in the country that has been created by a committee of arborculturists over the course of two years.  This list will help you choose trees to grow that will thrive in the coming years as the climate continues to change. 

Only through love and respect of nature will we become spiritually awakened.  Our goal is to feel life everywhere.  Nature is a huge flower garden.  Animals, birds, trees, plants and people are the gardens’ fully blossomed flowers of diverse colors.  The beauty of this garden is complete only when all of these exist in unity, spreading the vibrations of love and oneness.  Let us work together to prevent these diverse flowers from withering away, so that the garden may remain eternally beautiful.  For that, we should first make a resolve within our heart to make all possible efforts.  Amma prays to the supreme to grace us with the blessings to do so.” - Amma