MA Center Chicago (MACC)

Planting Trees with Love at MA Center Chicago

In honor of Amma’s 65th birthday, dozens of bird- and bee-friendly trees were planted at MA Center Chicago in the weeks leading up to winter, including Hawthorne, Burr Oak, Service Berry, Box Elder, and American Linden trees. A dedicated team of local volunteers gathered every weekend to plant the trees, many of which have been seen enjoying a blanket of snow as they wait for spring.

Nature responded almost immediately to these new additions to our beautiful 142-acre campus, with several birds alighting on the branches of many of the newly planted trees within hours. As the cold season approached, some trees received a protective burlap screen to help them weather the Illinois winter, hopefully giving them a greater chance of survival.

As gardeners know, while all looks quiet above ground this time of year, a lot is happening at the root level of these new inhabitants of MA Center Chicago. With so many new trees recently planted at MA Center Chicago, visitors walking the grounds can easily see the love and devotion we have for Amma, made visible in the form of so many newly planted trees. If you'd like to get involved with our tree planting or other volunteer activities, contact us at