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Dear Friends,

It is with happy hearts that we announce that Amma will be returning to New England this summer! For the 33rd year in a row, She will once again come to us, offering Her solace and support to all those who seek it. Our community is indeed honored to host Amma and welcome the thousands of people who flock to experience Amma's divine love and peace.

It is a challenge to be able to offer programs free of charge year after year. Each winter we try to raise enough money through the Program Guide Campaign to fully cover the cost of our program, but we have yet to be able to pick up the entire tab. Let's change that this year! Let 2020 be the first year that New England can raise enough money to be self-sustainable and cover the entire cost of the program! To run two days of programs, it costs approximately $75,000. Do you think we can do it? Are you ready for the challenge?

We have only 7 weeks to reach our goal! Our fundraising deadline is March 21, 2020.

Here are 4 ways you can help:

1.  Place a business or personal ad in the program guide. Advertise a service that you offer (i.e. painting, yard work, tutoring, massage, yoga, grant writing, dog walking, etc). Or offer a pranam ad to Amma (a respectful or reverential salutation).

2. Reach out to your own network (family, friends, co-workers, grocers, yoga studio, massage therapist, etc). Make a pledge to ask at least one of them if they would be interested in placing an ad or donating to the cause. If each and every person who attended Amma's program did this one small part, then we would certainly reach our fundraising goal!

3. Join the local Program Guide Team! There is an organized team of local volunteers who work hard to solicit ads from local and national businesses. This is how we raise money to host Amma. You don't need any prior experience and we really need your help! Please contact Srimayi at srimayi108@gmail.com for more information.

4. Contribute to the New England Group Ad. We will be taking out a full page national spread that costs $3,500. All contributions are much appreciated. Please make your check payable to M.A. Center and write in the memo section that it is for the 2020 New England Program Guide. Mail to your check to:

M.A. Center New England
245 Linden Street
Boylston, MA 01505
For more information about the Program Guide Campaign including ad costs, please visit the following web page: https://amma.org/ammas-summer-program-guide and/or contact Srimayi: srimayi108@gmail.com

Thank you for any support you choose to offer.

In Her Loving Service,

Amma's New England Satsang