Circle of Love Letters Circle of Love Letters
Cards and Letters of support
Writers send positive encouraging letters weekly to people who need support. Circle of Love Letters
Letters are sent with love through regular mail.
A real letter is tangible and reassuring. Circle of Love Letters
Love and reassurance makes a difference.
We write to people who are ill, isolated, grieving or having trouble coping with life's challenges.

What We Do

Circle of Love letters writes weekly letters by regular mail to people in need of reassurance. We have been doing this volunteer work for the past ten years and now have 54 writers and 64 recipients. To get involved, please contact us.

We write letters that are uplifting, this not only encourages others but ourselves as well. Recipients do not need to write back. Writing becomes a way to send love to others without expectation.

Many of our writers and recipients are from the U.S., but we do have participants from England, France, Malta EU, Philippines, India, and even mainland China. We are active in over 50 cities around the world.

Letters are in English but occasionally we are able to match people who write in other languages.

If you would like to write, receive or refer a recipient, please e-mail us for more information.

From Participants

"Writing letters is something I can do from home. It is a way to following Amma's teachings, a way to reach out to others, with love."

"Getting letters in the mailbox, full of support and positive messages, have been sooo wonderful, adding light to my day and letting me know that people are still here with me and I will be able to make it."

News About Circle of Love Letters

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