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Cards and Letters of support
Writers send positive encouraging letters weekly to people who need support. Circle of Love Letters
Letters are sent with love through regular mail.
A real letter is tangible and reassuring. Circle of Love Letters
Love and reassurance makes a difference.
We write to people who are ill, isolated, grieving or having trouble coping with life's challenges.

What We Do

Circle of Love Letters volunteers write uplifting letters to people who are in need of reassurance. We have two writing and receiving programs.
1)We also write weekly letters to people desiring continued support.
2)We write one time showers of letters to people who need a boost of support, such as surgery, or brief illness, or recent loss.
Many of our writers and recipients are from the U.S and Canada.  We do have participants in Europe, India, and even mainland China.  Recipients tell us they feel Amma’s love in the letters. Writers too, are uplifted by the outreach. Recipients do not need to write back.
We are in need of people who want to get letters and people who want to write. Letters are in English but occasionally we are able to match people who write in other languages.

If you would like to write, receive or refer a recipient, please e-mail us for more information. (you may need to check your Spam folder for replies)

From Participants

"Writing letters is something I can do from home. It is a way to following Amma's teachings, a way to reach out to others, with love."

"Getting letters in the mailbox, full of support and positive messages, have been sooo wonderful, adding light to my day and letting me know that people are still here with me and I will be able to make it."

September 2022 News

Circle of love continues to write to people who have experienced loss, health problems and isolation. This past quarter 85 letters were sent weekly, and more than 20 letter showers were sent. If you feel letters from supportive folks would help you, please ask for info.  We not only need writers but recipients too.
Writers report they are happy to find a way to serve and feel blessed.  A writer recently said "writing saved her life".  She was experiencing depression, but the act of thinking of others, relieved her depression and helped to stop her suicidal thinking.

March 2022 News

Circle of Love letters continues to write to people in need of support.  If you know of someone who could use loving support, please let us know. We can send one time letter showers and/or weekly letters, as needed. Email us at
Here is a recent quote from someone who both writes and receives letters : "Knowing that someone cares is a wonderful thing. I appreciate receiving and giving letters both. It is a challenge for me to have chronic illness with disability, so I understand how important sharing love is. I count my blessings to be a part of the Circle of Love program."

October 2021 News

This month 103 letters were sent, each week, to people who asked for support.  We also sent letter showers to seven recipients.  One of the people who received a letter shower wrote this thank you.
"Every card I opened brought me to tears and were filled with the perfume if Amma’s love. Your beautiful art is decorating my fridge and I look at the cards daily and they give me strength and remind me of the love around me. Thank you again for your sweet seva and your devoted hearts."

A writer said "I turn to Amma and ask her to select the right quote and say what she wants said and then I am able to calm down and write. I didn't know writing letters would be so challenging and such a spiritual practice in surrender. I am grateful for this experience and opportunity."

If you need support, or know someone who is having challenging times, please let us know.  The writers feel so lucky to have a way to serve.

We are always in need of new writers and new people who will accept letters from us. Email us at

July 2021 News

During June 2021, 86 letters were sent each to people who are in need of support.  We also sent showers of letters to five recipients. One of the people who received a letter shower wrote this thank you.

"Dear Circle of Letters.......... I am so eternally grateful for every single letter full of so much love and care. My heart feels peace, love and pure joy. Thank you so much! May Amma's grace always shower upon you all. A big pile of letters arrived on a tough day, and it instantly helped me settle. I have not been very good with receiving, but getting sick brought me to my knees and I have learned to open my heart to myself as well. Every single letter of love is so very precious to me in more ways that I can explain."

If you are in need of a lift or know someone who is having challenging times, pleae refer to them to us.  The writers feel so lucky to have a way to serve.
We can always use new writers and new people who will accept letters from us.

June 2021 News

"I am so grateful for the joyful and peaceful synchronicities that touched my life through their beautiful and thoughtful letters." From a recipient

Amma encourages us to reach out to others with optimistic faith.  This past month that is what our writers attempted to do thru our letter writing seva.
We wrote letter showers to four people to cheer and lift them up.  Each shower
recipient received a flood of cards. One lady hung the cards around her house and sent us pictures of the display.

Because of the isolation of covid we have had a good number of people asking for letters due to loneliness and depression.
This month 64 sevites (volunteers) wrote 113 letters each week to people who live in their homes. The volunteers also sent letter showers to four recipients. We also had several new volunteers who wanted to serve from home safely. We wrote 60 people weekly letters to remind them that they are not alone and that they are loved.

We got word this month that two people who had been getting weekly letters left their bodies. We pray they are at peace and the letters helped them.

If you know someone who could benefit from letters please let us know. If you want to know more about participating in this seva, you can learn more by contacting us at

December 2018 - A Letter-Writer's experience 

More than 10 years ago, I felt an inner calling to do selfless service as Amma has taught us.  With two young kids and a demanding high tech job then, I often didn’t have time nor energy to do any volunteer work.  So I prayed to Amma to guide me to find some volunteer work that is flexible in schedule and can work from “home” and one that is meaningful.

I came across Circle of Love letter program in the Newsletter and on Amma’s website.  I was intrigued by it and contacted Sivamayi the program coordinator for guidelines and requirements.  Soon I was a COLL writer.  Initially, it was a struggle to find the “right” words to inspire or encourage or console the recipients.  I was too green so to speak.   I did some research and incorporated inspirational quotes and Amma’s teachings and excerpts.  Most of the times, I just prayed to Amma to guide me to write messages that would most benefit the recipient.  I would not say I am an expert now writing letters as I am still at a loss of words relating to topics such as death.  What I learnt from the comments and feedback from recipients that Sivamayi so kindly compiled were that as long as we put our heart and prayers in each letter, Amma will guide us to deliver the message that will help the letter recipients.  There is no one or fix way to do it right. 

Like Amma has said, “The fragrance always remains in the hand that gives roses...”. Writing to someone in need of letters regardless of the reasons is rewards in itself.

I also feel very blessed to have received love and support when I asked to receive letters during hard times such as when my mom passed away...  the warmth of outpouring love and friendships from the writers sustained me during these challenging times.  I learnt not just to give but also to receive.

Throughout this process, I could feel Amma’s love and blessings to one and all.  Where there is love, there is life.  It is truly a complete circle of love and I am incredibly thankful for the experience. 


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