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My Children Are My Wealth, They Are My Strength

After two long years, Amma visited her passionate and dedicated followers in Detroit, Michigan this November 29th- December 2nd, 2018 at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center. There was not a doubt in the world that Amma Center Michigan was ready to once again prepare for a large program - a program that would welcome thousands of people from all over North America eager to see Amma and spend quality time in a retreat which included meditation, question & answer, dinner served by Amma personally to everyone and of course Amma's darshan or embrace. Spiritual talks, yoga classes, devotional singing classes are some of the other important features of a retreat with Amma. It has become a tradition over the years that at the end of the retreat, Amma's talented admirers offer their skills in art and music through many wonderful cultural programs while Amma continues to hug the thousands present in the retreat.

The Amma Center Michigan, has many volunteers. However, the core team consists of about 30 dedicated "sevites" as we call them. With only two weeks to prepare for the program - their cohesiveness in working together had a profound effect on a new member who walked through the doors. Carin Michaels, a writer and playwright living in Ann Arbor, had fallen in love with Amma's teachings and was excited to get involved in this tight-knit community that was attached to the idea of service to all. As she began attending the weekly gathering for service & prayer, she seemed to get the idea that this group had an inspirational leader, who taught them to love and serve all. Carin describes this experience with her newfound family in an article written for "The Crazy Written Community Journal" of Southeastern Michigan:

"The expression of Amma's true love philosophy suggests why her devotees are always smiling, but I still desired a more substantial explanation to motivate me. I reached out to the local Amma Center of Michigan for help, and while on this path, I came to understand why Amma's work has flourished globally and what the local center was doing to help."

Upon further reflection, Carin noted how the Amma Center Michigan was remarkable for size was no barrier to its ability to work hard as a family, embodying Amma's grace in all of their action- whether it be weekly soup kitchens for those in need, the monthly Adopt-A-Highway AYUDH project at the University of Michigan, or putting on Amma's programs with only two weeks notice. She says she was first overwhelmed by this, as her long journey of spirituality had finally led her to a spiritual home that had not only talked about, but indeed embodied the important values of service, compassion and unity in every action that was performed. She described the center's work as not only "putting the program together well" but, more importantly, with "a gracefulness that she has not witnessed elsewhere." With no doubt in her mind, she commented that the program was an ultimate success and this was due to Embracing the World's special ability to channel its spiritual focus into service.

"A key component of Amma's organization is her volunteerism, and even the top tier administrators who run Embracing The World are all volunteers. They renunciate material possessions and personal comforts, like Amma, to symbolize their devotion. This ethic is filtered down to every level of the organization, so its mission can do more with less. When possible, volunteers fulfill the organization's needs by supplying the materials and labor in areas of food, shelter, healthcare, education, livelihood, emergencies, environment, and research. Amma recognizes that her love has created a mass movement, and she states, "It is my children who have made all this possible. My children are my wealth; they are my strength."

Amma Center Michigan is one of the hundreds of centers that exist throughout the world. Each one seems to add a special note to the music of Amma's compassion and service for humanity. It is beautiful to see how though Amma may not visit a particular town for some time, her effect on individuals around the world is still widely and strongly felt. Amma's teachings are making their way into the world through every follower who pledges to devote their life to service, compassion, and kindness for all.

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