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Apr 27: AYUDH Tree Planting at Willowvale Park

AYUDH tree planting group photo

AYUDH Toronto plants 42 more trees for Amma

Tree sapling being placed in holeOn Saturday, April 27, eleven members of the Toronto chapter of AYUDH together planted 42 trees in Willowvale Park in Mississauga. When speaking at the launch of the Trillion Tree Campaign, Amma called on each person to plant at least 12 trees a year (Read more >>). AYUDH Toronto members were eager to put Amma's instructions into practice!

Braving the unseasonably cold weather, the youth dedicated themselves to the task with energy and enthusiasm. The tree species planted included silver maple, red oak, eastern white cedar, and dogwood. The event was very well organized by the City of Mississauga, and included refreshments for the volunteers. Once the planting was completed, AYUDH Toronto members reflected on what had motivated them to plant trees that day, and what obstacles (internal and external) they had to overcome to participate. They also discussed how tree planting could become a spiritual activity, and and how AYUDH Toronto, as a group, can support each member's spiritual growth. Clearly, AYUDH Toronto enjoyed the day, as several members did some more tree planting in Georgetown just two weeks later. Amma is definitely smiling.

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Trees planted at Willowvale park